Nothing can ruin a wonderful outing more than unexpected accident or injury.  Not only can you cause inury or damage to yoursef, but also to other people.  In this instance, you need to have the right amount of coverage so that the burden of liability is not on your shoulders,  What we do is set you up with the policy that fits your needs perfectly so that you don't have to worry.
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Being a homeowner comes with great responsiblity. One of those responsibilities is inusrning your property  and all valuables inside with the right coverage to ensure that you and your family are protected in any instance. We have the ability to quote your policy with mulitple companies to get the best coverage for the lowest rate.  Click here to contact us for more info.


Farm Insurance

As a farm operator, you work hard to run your business.  YOu deserve to deal with a trusted broker that offers the best coverage to preserve your wealth.  That's where we come in. After a thorough examination of your farm, we tailor a policy suited to your specific needs in order to keep your most important investment safe. Click here to contact us for more info.

Business Insurance

Even the most successful business requires protection in the event of a lawsuit which may threaten the livelihood of your business.  For any business, large or small. the right protection is vital.  We will help you find the paln that will give your company the peace of mind to enusre a successful business now and for the future.  Click here to contact us for more info.

Specialty Insurance

When you are in business there are many unexpected events that can come your way.  At Valley-Wide Insurance we offer coverage to help your company weather those storms.  There are a variety of options to make sure that you will provide the coverage you need.  Click here to contact us for more info.


Life Insurance

Protecting and providing.  By ensuring that you are adequated covered for the turns life takes, you provide your family with the peace of mind. We offer whole, term, and a number of insurance options that will meet your needs.  Click here to contact us for more info.